Comment from Kim Weinglass

I am writing to express my support for this proposed rule. As someone who has enjoyed freedom and flexibility as a freelancer for 20 years, this would be a welcome clarification. I would hope that this rule would eradicate and overrule the ridiculously over-reaching AB5 and now AB 2257 laws in CA that strip us of our freedoms and are utterly unworkable. It is absolutely draconian what has been done here. And in these harsh economic times during the Coronavirus pandemic where getting work is already difficult, it is near impossible under AB5 to find any means of earning a living that doesn’t involve becoming an employee making slave wages working for a grocery store or fast food company. Apparently this is what many of our politicians want. Personally, I want the freedom to build my own business, on my terms, and pursue my own interests. I would never be happy being an employee. And I have no desire to join a union either. What we desperately need in this country is a universal healthcare system that is available to all, so that politicians don’t try to force us into employee relationships to get our health care covered by employers instead of just providing it as a basic human right – which it should be. The way our country is being run is appaling on so many levels. This rule would at least be one step in the right direction for hard working people like myself who want to maintain sovereignty over our lives.

Comment ID: WHD-2020-0007-0016 | 29-Sep-20

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