Comment from David Berg

Everyone who wants protection from unscrupulous employers should have it in some way. However, classifying all Independent Contractors as employees under the Borello Rule is ludicrous. Those of us who wish to remain independent should have the right to work the way we want to. We do not need any government to tell us how to have a relationship with any other business. If I wish to remain self-employed and sell my services to a business, it should not matter that the other business needs my type of labor to conduct its primary operations. As a yacht captain, I have many clients who fall into the same situation. Is every one of them my employer? Should every one of them be providing me with health insurance benefits which I would rather purchase outside that particular relationship? The answer is a resounding NO. Should I have the right to refuse joining a union simply to be working? That answer is YES. AB5 in California is a perfect example of government overreach ind personal intrusion. Please do not use that as a model for any pending legislation or rule-making. Thank you.

Comment ID: WHD-2020-0007-0028 | 4-Oct-20

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