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I am a current independent contactor by choice, and I want to be able to remain one under U.S. law. I am a freelance writer – I’m also a single female homeowner with a disability. Freelancing has greatly improved my financial security, my mental and physical health, and my lifestyle. I have two college degrees, but while working as an employee I was repeatedly laid off, taken advantage of, and underpaid – I never earned more than $40,000 a year and was forced to pay for high-cost health insurance plans that didn’t offer the college I needed.

As a freelancer, I’ve regained control over my life. I set my own rates, choose the clients I work for, and no one can take advantage of me or lay me off. I’ve nearly quadrupled my income and chose a health insurance plan that offered the coverage I needed. When I had a recent surgery, my $2,500 deductible was far more affordable than the $10,000 deductible I faced with the insurance I was forced to take while an employee. As an independent contractor, I control my own schedules – I can take time off as needed, and I’m far better able to structure my work in a way that works with my chronic illness/disability. I make a good living as an independent contractor and I’m in no way taken advantage of.

I support legislation that supports modern-day freelancing. AB5 and the PRO Act would jeopardize my ability to make a living and force me to become an employee again. I do not want to become an employee. Please consider the fact that many independent contractors wish to be contractors, and allow us to retain this choice in how we work. Being an independent contractor brings many advantages – in my case, it’s greatly improved my life and work conditions, as well as allowed me to enjoy far greater financial profitability than I would have ever seen as an employee. Freelancing isn’t exploitation, and we need legislation that upholds our ability to choose the work arrangement that works best for our priorities.

Comment ID: WHD-2020-0007-0029 | 4-Oct-20

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