Comment from Madeline Rios

It is important that independent professionals and artists with multiple clients be allowed to continue working as independent contractors. As a certified translator and interpreter, my economic and professional situation was harmed by California’s AB5, which would have turned me into a casual laborer of many of my clients, unable to take business tax deductions or a self-employment health insurance deduction. Moreover, many of my clients became unwilling to work with me, simply because I was based in California. Our profession is very specialized. Each language direction (for example Spanish to English, English to Spanish, Japanese to Korean, etc.) and topic (for example, medical, legal, environmental, etc.), or mode of work (written translations, conference interpreting on site, remote interpreting) has a different set of personnel capable of performing the job correctly. In the private sector, very few companies need each specialization on a full-time basis, but a successful career can be built by having a large number of clients. Benefits such as pensions, vacations, and health-care through employment would never be available to us, even if we were made employees. We need to be able to retain our independent status in order to earn a living.

Comment ID: WHD-2020-0007-0033 | 5-Oct-20

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