Comment from Laura Quartey

Please protect my right to remain an independent contractor. I have no desire to be an employee – I need the freedom and self-direction that comes from being an independent contractor. If I was required to be an employee, I would no longer be able to make money for my family from my home on my own schedule. I hope that any future regulations about independent contractors will protect those who WANT and NEED to be ICs. If I wanted a job that provided the benefits of employment, then I would go get a job as a W-2 employee, and I think that any independent contractor has that right, to seek actual “employment” if that is what they want. Those people should find employment as W-2 employees and allow 1099 independent contractors to continue to enjoy the freedom that comes with IC status.

Comment ID: WHD-2020-0007-0035 | 6-Oct-20

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