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Until now I had no inkling of the large volume of regulations that apply to a simple agreement between a customer and myself seeking my services under contract.

The primary value for myself as an independent contractor for my services is the freedom to negotiate, to choose, and the freedom to limit what services I provide, the days, and hours of work, and the price of my labor, unencumbered by the less flexible but more secure employer employee relationship.

I embrace freedom at every level of my life and find it the most valuable treasure that I and my neighbors possess. No amount or lack of remuneration can begin to compensate for the pure joy I find in being able to work for myself, define my responsibilities and provide the greatest value I can to my customers.

While I have little to no control over government regulations which I would like to believe are for the benevolence of both myself and my customers, I find them less than necessary and at times counterproductive. I would if permitted oppose any regulation that would interfere with the contractual relationship between myself and my customer or that would excessively encumber them or myself beyond the simple exchange of legal tender for services rendered.

I gladly relinquish all of the benefits derived from unionized collective bargaining and employer labor laws and regulations in exchange for a one on one mano to mano contract relationship. I am no way antagonistic to these laws and regulations with the exception of attempts to apply them to my contract relationship with my customer that interferes or compromises that relationship to the point that the rewards we seek and the risks we take are forfeited by such regulations.

I do not have the time or the inclination to read all of the existing regulations and the proposed changes to such regulations. My primary responsibility which has been almost completely shut down by the Covid 19 virus health restrictions was and remains to serve my customers. My greatest desire is to retain my independent contractor status under the law separate and without the encumbrance of the traditional employer and employee relationship, that would deny or modify our existing business to customer relationship.

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