Comment from Krista Genzlinger

For your consideration I submit my comments in regards to Independent Contractor Status Under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

I am an independent contractor, i.e. business owner; I am self-employed. I would not be able to work in any capacity, other than self-employed. This method of earning income for myself is built on my ability to control the hours in my day, when I do my work, and how I do my work. The amount that I earn, which is a great deal more than minimum wage, is dependent on the rates that I am able to set for myself for the services that I provide. As an independent contractor I am more productive, I have honed my skills more in the last five years than in the entirety of the previous 22 years while working as a full-time employee. I also have a much more balanced and fulfilling personal life, I am healthier and happier, as is my family. Eliminating my ability to work as an independent contractor would strip me of not only my income, but also my happiness, and self-worth. It would also adversely affect my family. I would not pursue employment with any of my clients and I would not pursue new full-time employment with any other employer. The reason for this is because I worked as a regular full-time exempt employee for 22 years, the last 10 years as senior management in a small communications company. The rigors, expectations, and responsibilities of that job adversely affected my physical health, mental health, life balance, and robbed me of years of time with my family that I will never be able to get back. As as self-employed independent contractor I am able to balance all aspects of my life in addition to being paid fairly for my expertise and efforts. I would very much like to keep my ability to earn a living as a self-employed independent contractor. Therefore, I am in support for the Agency to “clarify to stakeholders how to distinguish between employees and independent contractors under the Act.” I am in agreement with the proposed articulations and believe it would allow me to continue to work as a self-employed independent contractor unimpinged by regulations. I believe these articulations are necessary for many others who are struggling against bureaucracy to maintain their employment autonomy.

Comment ID: WHD-2020-0007-0055 | 7-Oct-20

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