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I am an independent contractor living in California, and when my state enacted the ABC test, it nearly ruined my livelihood. No entity who wants to hire a person for only a few hours a year should have to make that person an employee. I should be able to write off my expenses for equipment I own that I use to work, and if I am an employee, that is not allowed anymore.

I am happy to pay the employer’s portion of FICA on my own behalf in exchange for the freedom to work when and how I want to.

I see other comments complaining about all the tax revenue that governments are “missing out” on, but the income taxes collected come out of the pockets of the lowest rung of workers. Enacting an ABC test nationwide would push the haves and the have-nots even further apart, and would pose a significant hurdle to anyone wishing to start a business. If states and localities want more tax revenue, they should raise taxes on the people making the most money, not people making the least.

I support this new way of determining if classification is correct, and I fervently hope that as a federal rule this will supercede the terrible law that California passed mandating the ABC test be used,

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