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As an independent journalist and content strategist, I support the Department of Labor’s proposed Economic Reality Test (or the IRS Test) to be used in classifying work status.

While well-intentioned, the proposed bill such as the PRO Act would kill my career. I chose to be self-employed. For the past four years, I paid for my own health insurance and sick days, well, they just happen. Because I chose this path, I deal with it. And you know what? I have earned more each of these years working as my own boss than I ever did being employed at another company.

More importantly to me than money, the flexibility of self-employment has gifted me the opportunity to stop neglecting my mental and physical health. I was able to see therapists and doctors on my own terms, rather than facing punishment for leaving the office early or during the day. And this helped me overcome a decades-long battle with anorexia.

Also, I am not a mother yet, but I hope to be one day. I know the flexibility of being my own boss will also benefit me there, allowing me to take leave and return to work on my terms, rather than being forced to choose a rigid leave and return policy.

I am not alone. I am part of online communities of freelancers in various fields, and we all feel the same. Our lives are different and our reasons for choosing to be freelance vary. But the thing is, we all WANT to be independent. We do NOT want to be someone’s employee.

The ABC test is flawed and would consider most of us employees, thereby robbing us of income as well as clients. Please support those who love the freedoms this country allows us–including the freedom to be self-employed–and use the economic reality test rather than the ABC test.

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