Comment from Kevin Strickland

First and foremost, I would like to remain an independent contractor. For most of my life I worked as a W-2 employee, at a small company, 40+ hours a week. My last job had these conditions. I started to notice myself losing interest and productivity. I needed variety and challenging work, but there was nowhere else in my current company to go and looking for other jobs was a dismal exercise. On top of all that, I lived far from my family and craved going back to be closer to them, but my job wouldn’t allow for a move or a work remote scenario. That was when I decided to become an independent contractor.

It has been one of the best and most rewarding decisions I have ever made. It gave me the freedom as a freelance media professional to choose the clients and work that really motivated and spoke to me, and because of that I was able to deliver top notch products that stimulated the economy, helped businesses, and helped me personally to avoid burnout and dissatisfaction. I still work similar hours to my standard W-2, 40 hours/week job, but I am able to cultivate a work-life balance, take care of my health and urgent personal matters without having it interfere with my performance as an employee, spend time with or help my family during the workday if the need arises, and fuel my creative and inner motivations by doing something I am truly passionate about.

The language in this rule states that this seeks to increase innovation in the economy. I must say that I don’t think it gets more innovative that being an independent contractor. I actually feel like I’m allowed to be innovative for the first time. Not only by finding work and partnerships that align with my skillset and interests, but having to constantly skill up and improve to compete in a difficult and competitive marketplace. I have been able to make as much or more money than I did as a full time W-2 employee, and my quality of life has increased dramatically. I urge you to continue letting independent contractors like myself forge their own paths, and foster the diversity of workplace options. I believe independence is important and promotes creativity and freedom and the some of the best work that our country is producing. To dismiss or bend that to conforming with a more standardized system would not only be a disservice to me, but our country and economy as a whole.

Comment ID: WHD-2020-0007-0180 | 20-Oct-20

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