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I have been an independent contractor for the past four years, working hard to build my content writing business so that I can have a business to call my own and a steady stream of income for my family.

I am the sole breadwinner and single mom to two children. It’s necessary for me to have a flexible schedule to meet the needs of both of my children, especially my youngest who has special needs. In fact, this is the reason I left my job as a preschool teacher four years ago. It didn’t provide me with the income nor the flexibility I needed to care for my son, give him the education he needed, and make sure he was able to get to every doctor and therapy appointment he needed.

As an IC, I’ve been able to double my income while working flexibly around my family’s schedule. My kids can be involved in extracurriculars for school, sports, and get-togethers with friends and family. I no longer have to worry about living paycheck to paycheck at my teaching job with no benefits. I couldn’t afford healthcare as an employee. I couldn’t afford to buy a home or car. I was able to do all of these things that every American should be able to do since starting my business and contracting with clients I choose to work with.

The thing about independent contracting is that it allows you to choose how you want to work and who you want to work with. If a client chooses to undervalue me and my expertise, I choose not to work with him or her. Its always been my choice, no one elses. Ive chosen this career and I love it because of everything its given to me and my family.

There is no need for strict laws like AB5 in California that govern misclassification for people who want to be independent contractors. They chose that path, no one else. These laws are absolutely too strict and they dont showcase the full picture.

People today need flexibility. Family dynamics are changing. Single parenting is on the rise. The sandwich generation of people taking care of both elderly parents and children (I am also included in this group) is also on the rise. Independent contracting allows people to work when and how they want while still abiding by business operation and tax laws.

I appreciate and fully support this proposed rule that offers to look at that full picture instead of making independent contracting a cut-and-dry issue, which it absolutely is not. We need more forward-thinking legislation like this that aims to consider how the traditional workplace has changed and evolved rather than taking decades of steps backward into what it once was.

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