Comment from Sonchez Johnson

I chose to become an independent contractor rideshare drive four and a half years ago. During this time, I have been able to pay taxes, spending money in my community, and provide a better living for my family. I will only be able to maintain this way of living if rideshare can remain flexible, allowing me to work when I able or need to. There are times I truly needed the extra work to provide for my family’s needs. I have heard other drivers’ concerns about how much they work, their pay, and benefits. The guidelines were explained in simple detail, and each individual agreed to these terms. This option is vital for me being my own independent contractor is a very key reason I drive. (I enjoy the income as well.) Our country is built on innovative business ideas. The rideshare concept got it right. The ones who want this should start their own business and pay themself and employees the way they choose to. Minimal wages in Missouri is less than $9.00 an hour. Let’s put more time into regulating this matter. As I stated, this is my choice.

Comment ID: WHD-2020-0007-0259 | 22-Oct-20

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