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Me and every other IC I know or have discussed the matter with don’t want to give up our freedom and scheduling flexibility for the minuscule benefits it would come with. I’m more than happy with my Health insurance plan and cost and I don’t need paid time off or sick pay because I can take time off anytime I want and work as much as I want. To sacrifice that flexibility and possibly have my current pay scale impacted by the company costs that come with this proposal doesn’t make any sense. If this Independent work was so bad their wouldn’t be 10s of millions of people doing it. I can’t speak for everyone but I’m an Uber driver and myself and the dozens of drivers I know around the country all make more than double minimum wage while maintaining our freedom. This proposal comes with very little to gain and could completely upend the current system that is supporting 10s of millions of households nationwide. These types of gigs are the highest paying in the country that require no formal education and no real trade or professional skills. Leave politics out of this and base it on the feedback you get from people that are actually impacting by this.

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