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I am 66 years old, am retired, and live in Tucson, Arizona. I have been driving with Uber for five years as of next month. I began driving after I retired in order to raise money to help my son pay for his tuition at the University of Arizona. I drove full-time while he was going to school. By doing that he was able to graduate without any student loan debt! Since his graduation, I drive 4-5 hours a day, 4-5 days a week. My driving supplements my state pension (I am a retired public high school teacher) and my Social Security. Driving allows me to not have to dig into retirement savings, and in fact I have been adding more than $3,000 each year to my traditional IRA. I enjoy the flexibility that driving allows me. At my age I don’t have the energy I did just five years ago when I began driving. If I feel the need to quit earlier than usual, I simply log off and go home. I would not have that freedom yeah I worked a “traditional” job. If a financial crisis arises, I can work more hours than normal and earn extra income. Driving Uber and Uber Eats have truly made a significant impact on the quality of my life, as well as my family. In this time of COVID, I feel like I am performing a public service by giving people rides to and from work in a safe and sane manner, as well as also delivering people meals in a safe, contact-free manner. I am proud to drive for Uber and I plan to continue driving for as long as my health permits. Thank you!

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