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I’m an uber driver and have been for 3 years. It is important to me that no constraints are put on the business which would necessitate a change in how I work. We have already seen the devastating results of California’s DOL changing the way independent contractors work, and I’d rather not see that on a national scale. To that end, I’d like to share a true story about my experience with uber.
2 years ago, I took my mother in to care for her during the last days of her battle with breast cancer. As a result, I had to drop all of my plans to work in order to set up the house for her. I had planned to work a full week because I had a wedding coming up and wanted some extra money for the honeymoon. I had thought at the time that my mother was months from passing, but that very week she passed.
As a result of the freedom Uber provides, I was able to spend the last week of my mother’s life caring for her. There was no pressure to complete a certain number of hours and when that hectic two weeks of planning and attending funerals, weddings and a honeymoon were over, I was able to go right back to work with no penalty for being gone for almost 3 weeks.
It is absolutely necessary to me and my livelihood and peace of mind that things remain that way.

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