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I am an Independent Contractor that works as a Uber and Lyft Driver, Doordash, Instacart, and also Rover dog sitting. After three back surgeries I have learned that working as an employee is not possible. My only means of financial independence is the flexibility that comes from being an independent contractor. The ability to set my own schedule and work the hours when I want, and more importantly to take breaks when I want, are the most important thing to me, more than the amount of money I make. However, I make really good money and I would like to invite any person to contact myself and many other independent contractor who work in the Gig economy as Lyft and Uber drivers and ask them, instead of reading what can only be described as biased and unrealistic propaganda by media companies, former taxi drivers, and dishonest people claiming to work Uber and Lyft who claim that we make far less money than we actually do. I ask anyone who reads this to sympathize that the independent contracting model of the gig economy provided work and financial independence and income to an entire group of Americans who would be unable to work otherwise as a traditional employment schedule of 9-5, 5 days a week is not ideal or even possible for many of us. Please keep Uber and Lyft; and Doordash and InstaCart, and Rover sitters as independent contractors so we can continue to have fulfilling work and the ability to have financially independent Where traditional employer models would deny millions of Americans this right. Especially during COVID we have been able to continue to work, get off unemployment insurance, and maintain an income while the traditional workforce has been fired and furloughed and have been unable to find any work.

Comment ID: WHD-2020-0007-0373 | 22-Oct-20

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