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I am a driver for Uber. I believe the business model Uber has reaches into the heart of capitalism. I believe in the independence of every person, specifically financial independence. The US offers within it’s states governments, and private institutions provisions for independent contractors to thrive. It is simply the lack of knowledge each contractor may have as to what and where to locate those provisions. Uber goes so far as to offer free education concerning specifically the operation of personal business.

The US has long moved from the platform and age of agriculture, when propietary landowners cultivators and pastoralists, maximized asset and effort to produce a livelihood for themselves and their families.

Today, we are a country of services. Uber sets a stage acting as a liaison between consumer and service provider. The business model Uber, encourages independence, confidence, ingenuity and self sufficiency within individuals. Allowing those qualities to grow and evolve produces strength within the individual carried out to communities, states and our nation.

I am glad that our private organizations and governments can work together for the betterment of our nations bureaucratic infrastructures. I understand the fine line of too much or, too little oversight.

I also understand that others do not feel the same way I do about the Uber business model. Their individual experiences with Uber differ from mine. I cannot speak on those accounts.

I do believe based on what knowledge I do have, is that Uber should be allowed to move forward just as the independent contractor should move forward.

I truly believe it comes down to the lack of knowledge the average independent contractor has, which attributes to many and most disputes, aggravations and dissatisfaction.

Most issues can be resolved through communication and without ammendments through litigations.
In short, I fully support the present business model of Uber, the independent contractor and their present relationship with an open line of communication.

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