Comment from Kendall Doud

I have been working as an Uber Eats driver for the last three years. My ability to do this work as an independent contractor on my own time and terms for the purpose of supplementary income is nothing short of vital to me. My primary source of income is at a job where my hours are erratic and unpredictable. For this job, I finish my work days in different areas of Metro Atlanta and at different times every day. Because of this, it is impossible for me to commit to a second job where I work as an employee at a set location and with a set schedule.

Before I had the freedom Uber Eats offers me to earn supplementary income on my own time and terms, I was living with my parents. Now, I support myself fully. I have my own little condo in the city. I stay on top of my mortgage and bills. I am almost out of credit card debt. I have a modest but decent lifestyle. Without the availability of the super-flexible supplementary income Uber offers me, where I have the freedom to decide when and how much I’m working on a day to day basis, none of this is possible. Without the ability to earn as an independent contractor, I’m back living with my parents. There are many more out there who are in my shoes. Please do not take this away from us.

Comment ID: WHD-2020-0007-0645 | 22-Oct-20

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