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I have been an UBER driver for 6 years with 13,163 rides. When I retire some years ago I found myself being uncomfortable with a lot of fee time – I play golf and bridge and own a house but needed something more productive. I like to drive and like conversation and feel a little out of touch without a regular workplace with coworkers, etc. UBER the perfect part time activity because it is at my discretion. I have some sense of providing a service to many folks who without rideshare could not get to work or doctors appointments or even the grocery store. So I drive early in the mornings for a few hours and that is enough to feel producive that day. And the money is like winning the lottery every day. Getting paid for time when I could do nothing else. It is unusual to work for a computer app but there are advantages – it is completely consistent every day and doesn’t have grumpy or crazy days or make unreasonable demands. The freedom to drive when it suits me and stop when I want is the most attractive feature. I meet interesting folks most days and it keeps me in touch a with humanity. I would recommend that all politicians drive a week with UBER – get out of the bubble and talk with some real folks.

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