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The ability to log on and off when I want is the best thing about driving for uber. I think its important that we keep independent contractor status, this gig economy may be new but we don’t have to make all jobs the status quo . The flexibility is wonderful I do not want uber to be a regular job, I want uber to stay the way it is its an awesome way to earn extra money which so many people need. One more thing I have had a couple health problems and not felt like driving and thats ok I did not worry about losing my job because I decide when to drive .I think these gig jobs are so great for that also if you don’t feel good one day you can stay home with no worries as soon as you feel better you can decide to go work as long or as little as you want, you’re in charge.

Comment ID: WHD-2020-0007-0736 | 22-Oct-20

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