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My name is Kelley. I am an Uber driver. I work as a contractor and independently. I love working for myself, as a small one person business. I am making money for my bills, payments, college and etc. . . It is the flexibility to go to college and work when I want to on my own time. I normally work full time with 12 hour shifts daily. I make most money from the evenings, nights and early mornings. I make about $25 to $30 per hour before taxes on every 12 hour shift. This is the most money from a job I have ever made in my life compared to other jobs I have previously held. I work my own schedule. I work for myself, while I work Lyft on every other day other than Uber. I love driving, so that’s why I work this job for myself. I love being my own boss and not adhering to anyone. I calculate my own taxes after each shift and move them to a.separate account for only IRS taxes to be submitted every week at It is very easy and I stay committed to doing this for myself and my own small business of driving. I hope this info. helps.

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