Comment from Isaiah Gonzales

I’m an independent contractor for Uber who works for Uber part-time. I’m an electrician during the day and audio engineer at night. When I have free time, I drive for Uber for extra income. I love the flexibility they provide and the amount of money I make for each delivery – it’s a really effective system. And the best part, I’m not employed to Uber and keep my independence. It’s recently come to my attention that California passed a bill that would kill the gig economy from those demanding benefits and worker rights from companies like Uber because of how many people are working for Uber full-time. While it’s a nice idea, it’s unintentionally putting people out work or creating less income. I would like to see the gig economy stay as is. If people are worried about benefits, the amount of money they make as an independent contractor provides enough income for coverage. On average I make more an hour delivering than I do working as an electrician and I still make enough with that one job alone to pay for healthcare, debts and my bills. If people were more responsible with their disposable income, there wouldn’t be a need for these demands. I never wrote anything to government before, but I feel strongly about this. So to conclude this message, the gig economy should survive for the freedom, flexibility and income that’s currently provided. It’s our job to take care for ourselves.

Comment ID: WHD-2020-0007-0963 | 22-Oct-20

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