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I have a part time job working for a city bus company and I can work up to 25 hours a week. Some weeks there is no work for me so working for a ride share company really works well with my schedule because I never know how many hours I will get or when I will get them until the day before the schedule is set, which is finalized by noon the day before the work. Since working for a ride share company is as a subcontractor I can work whenever I want to so if I don’t get work from my part time bus driving job I can open the app the day I am available and go online and work until I am done for the day and go offline. If the ride share companies are forced to make us employees and we have to work on their schedule then I would no longer be able to keep both jobs. Now my two choices of work complement each other but if they would be in conflict with each other with a change in subcontractor status I would have to give one up and try to make enough money by supplementing that one job with something else. The flexibility of being a subcontractor for a ride sharing company is the best reason for working for them along with giving a great service to the community by keeping people who drink alcohol from driving their own vehicles while impaired.

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