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After over 20,300 trips in 5 years I know that the flexibility and freedom to that uber offers has been sadly taken for granted. People and States are greedy.
This company has 5 million drivers globally which means we MUST be saving at least 100 lives a month with regard to and drinking and driving but NOBODY talks about this. instead they create discourse amongst drivers and get things like AB5 ( That the drivers CLEARLY) dont want. Uber should be able to continue without all the interference. How can you really repay them for the world changing thing they have done? people in 3rd world countries that were happy to make $500 a week can now double this. I’m planning on making another short video for them..simply showing 2 screen shots from Sat and Sun.
Where can you make almost $700 in 2 days and immediately get the money? I’ll wait.
They have also been a distraction from the return of Moms stage four ovarian cancer. I got real love for uber.
greedy people are going to screw things up. I want them to win. Apparently millions like it the way it is. why screw it up for the drivers. leave me alone.

Comment ID: WHD-2020-0007-1129 | 22-Oct-20

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