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As a Uber driver along with the 72% majority who do NOT want to be employees I feel like I’m under attack by the media that doesn’t represent the vast majority of us.

We would like to be left alone the rules for independent contractors are already in place and I’m happy being an independent contractor if I wanted to be an employee I would be.

I do NOT want benefits or to become an employee, I’m happy as an independent contractor along with the vast majority of Uber and doordash drivers.

No disrespect but a software engineer who did this a few times on a bicycle is a complete noob and has no idea what he’s talking about.

I’m tired of the media portraying us as some kind of victims when the vast majority of us are happy with our jobs the way that they are right now.

You can find a minority of any group that’s not happy with anything and that is no excuse to destroy the majority of jobs as an independent contractor.

Most of us on the survey said we would rather quit then become an employee.

If people are forced to be employees, they’re going to cut the amount of hours to part-time so nobody’s going to get benefits anyway, and on top of that I will make less money even at full-time as an employee and I don’t give a !!!! about benefits. I need money to pay my bills not health insurance as it’s not very healthy to be on the street.

The media is not speaking for the majority of us drivers so why are they running their mouths about it WE DO NOT WANT TO BE EMPLOYEES.

I also don’t want the companies that I contract with to have to allocate money to some type of benefits for me because that’s less money they have to pay me on bonuses or promotions ect. I’ll take the money instead this is the whole point of being a contractor.

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