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I live in Utah. I am an Uber/Lyft/DoorDash driver part-time while running my own business full-time. I know rideshare and gig economy work is not perfect and there could be improvements made. I believe the government pressure on Uber has encouraged them to offer more benefits to drivers. I’ve seen a couple of them over the years and look forward to more. Mostly I believe that however workers in this sector are classified on paper, there flexibility needs to remain intact. The ability to go on the app and work whenever you want to immediately put some extra money in your pocket is invaluable. I have heard some drivers complain online alleging they don’t make federal minimum wage. I don’t know their situation in their state or community, but from my experience of driving for about 4 years, if you are not making minimum wage while doing gig work then you are simply not working. That would require me to sit and wait all day in low demand areas of no people. I literally have no idea how else you would make below minimum wage everyday. I have never done it and usually make a gross of $22 an hour with maybe like $18 after expenses. Those drivers also need to remember that taxes credit them something like $0.57 per mile driven for work, so they need to keep track of their miles. Essentially, the whole controversy is overblown and I feel like those demanding to be classified as full employees are doing so in horrible bad faith. They aren’t driving smart or viewing it as a business. They must not be frequenting high demand areas like a sensible businessperson would. I would much, much prefer the current system to remain intact with maybe something that says gig companies need to offer some common benefits like health insurance or 401ks that drivers can pay into if they want. Thank you.

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