Comment from Joshua Heiserman

I think it is important that more clarity be afforded to the states about what gig workers fall underneath. For me, as an Uber driver, I choose to drive as an independent contractor because I am a military retiree that has physical disabilities that limit what I can do, however, require the flexibility to meet responsibilities with appointments, kid’s schooling, and other household needs with ease. I need the flexibility that gig driving gives both with hours (whether I want to work a lot, or can’t work much in a week). Please understand that most gig workers do use their income for their livelihood, however, it is the unique flexibility that is the draw, not necessarily the pay. Gig workers are able to learn when it is best to work to maximize income and are also able to determine what needs to be done to ensure profit over expenses. It is my hope that the department while contemplating this update, will take into consideration that for a lot of us, the flexibility of schedule is nearly as important as the income and unfortunately a designation as an employee would take away the freedom to manage my needs and still earn an additional income.

Comment ID: WHD-2020-0007-1170 | 22-Oct-20

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