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The flexibility is key in my CHOICE to be an independent contractor for Uber/Lyft and other gig platforms. My family has only 1 vehicle, and if I was forced to be a scheduled hourly employee, it would create havoc in my household due to lack of transportation options available in my area. These states want to force everyone to be an hourly employee for one reason and one reason only, that reason being, as an hourly employee the state/government gets your tax money paid up-front every week and allows them to spend the monies sooner than waiting for quarterly or yearly tax payments. They simply have no other reason than tax monies to show interest in a persons employment status.
I have insurance through the V.A. and if/when my wife and I get married, I will have insurance through her job as well.
These states need to stop try to force everyone to live under one umbrella (so to speak) and let us provide for our families in whatever way that works best for our individual situation.
Thank You for your time.

Comment ID: WHD-2020-0007-1226 | 22-Oct-20

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