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I was born w/scoliosis-curvature of the spine. I was 33 when I had to have surgery to stabilize my spine. I now have 10lbs of stainless steel holding my back together. What I had done is Total Spinal Fusion T4-S1. Previous to this surgery I’d always had 2 to 3 jobs at a time. Very physically demanding jobs. I don’t consider myself desk job qualified. After my surgeries (3) I wanted to do something… However there’s not a lot out there for someone like me. I need something that is flexible an climate controlled. A job that I can sit or stand whenever I want. My biggest problem trying to get a job is that the pain I have can put me down at a moment’s notice. I need a job that will let me lay down if my back acts up or weeks off if I have muscle spasms! I prayed and prayed… God delivered Über! I can drive whenever I’m feeling good! If I turn on my app and realize I forgot (???) I can turn it off again, just like that! I don’t have to ask someone for time off. I think if I was in a traditional work setting and I had a back issue, my health would probably suffer more than the job! That’s the person I am. Being my own Boss, gives me more-MORE! My mental happiness is much better now having a (gig job) than before not having anything! Trying to talk to a potential boss an telling about my needs, seeing the look in their eyes is soul crushing. Finding the right fit is crucial to any kind of happiness!

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