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As I read other comments this right here below explains exactly why I work independently besides the fact I’ve been with two companies that I gave a total of 9.5 years to only have one close the doors and put 1500 people out of work along with my Father who was there 40yrs and the other sold part of the business and the new company cut my salary by 23,000. After the first company I said I’d never work for anyone again and for 16 years had my own remodeling business then my Father needed to retire so I decided it was time maybe to try something else and opportunity was there so I did only to end up back in the same boat. I had to find other means to supplement my salary cut and started driving Lyft/Uber and seen the potential if I hustled I could have the freedom I need to earn as much as I wanted, when I wanted, and be there for my family when I needed so I left my other employer.. I’ve advertised and picked up personal cliental and along with the apps have been writing my own paycheck. The apps are no different than when I had my remodeling business and used marketing places to advertise to connect me with a bigger market. Driving with Uber/Lyft is no different and although customers can connect with us thru the app we are not required to take all the rides that is our choice which is part of our independence to write our own check just as when I had my remodeling business I could turn customers away if I so chose. With Uber and Lyft I take off work whenever I feel and work when I feel no one commands me to work. I do other side jobs for income as well to write my check and Uber/Lyft is only part of that picture. If I was to be considered an employee of either I would just pursue other means of independence as I already am as I will be attending automotive school in December to start my own business afterwards and stay financially independent as I am now.

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