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For years, individual state worker’s compensation guidelines have specified that when a subcontractor provides his or her own tools, and maintains the final decision on whether they will accept the offered work, and maintains control of when they will be available for the work, for all such situations the are determined to be self employed subcontractors.

From my perspective as an Uber driver for 4 1/2 years, I’ve observed that most people attempting to be Uber drivers fail to utilize a Hybrid vehicle that gets higher fuel mileage and have lower maintenance cost. Further, many Uber drivers use credit cards for fuel, tolls, and vehicle repairs and fail to payoff monthly the debt funding of their operating expenses, thus creating a personal budget problem.

Another mistake rideshare drivers make is they attempt to utilize a vehicle they currently have that is in disrepair or will experience higher than normal maintenance cost due to the high mileage utilization they will subject their vehicle to.

Another issue is some rideshare drivers do not have a spouse that has a family medical plan that can defer the high cost of medical treatment. Therefore, they want to force Uber to recognize them as employees, pay higher guaranteed wages, and provide an employer cost sharing medical plan.

Now hear this! Driving for Uber is about the easiest job on the planet. Therefore, a lot of Uber drivers are lazy…and don’t want to have to go out and get a more sustaining job. Instead, they want to whine and complain about their circumstances instead of going out and securing a more sustaining type of work.

I am a retired senior citizen and former self employed subcontractor, Corporate President, General Business manager, regional manager, district manager, as well as having experience as a general worker. Those looking to Uber to provide them a more cushy job with medical benefits need to get off their laurels and go find a more sustaining job that provides health care benefits.

Driving for Uber is more suited for drivers who need a part time income, or need or want to supplement retirement income such is my reason for driving for Uber.
A good Uber driver can earn an extra 10% thru tips received. I drive in Dallas- Fort Worth, Tx, and earn about $20 per hour driving for Uber. My monthly operating cost average $600, and I have medical via my wife’s employment. When she quits work we will have Medicare.

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