Comment from Kirk Smith

I am adamantly opposed to California AB5 and the Democrat supported ProAct. I have been an Independent Contractor for forty years in California, by choice. All Independent Contractors need to have the freedom to choose; when they work, whether or not they work, to create their own schedule, to arrange for their own medical, retirement, workmans comp, disability, and vacation time.

In return for those freedoms, we, as Independent Contractors, voluntarily give up our right to those aforementioned employer and State benefits.

AB 5 has cost me 95% of my income in 2020. It has put millions of people out of work by threatening severe financial penalties on any clients who hire Independent Contractors. This could have easily been handled by simply enforcing existing laws regarding employee/Independent Contractor classification.
These Federal Guidelines are a much better common sense solution to the issue of employee misclassification.

I request that the Federal agencies involved with promoting these guidelines please continue to pressure all States to accept these guidelines as law.

Comment ID: WHD-2020-0007-1430 | 23-Oct-20

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