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I am a retired engineer whom on my free time I drive Uber. Some times I get a contract job and work as and work for three or four months as an engineer. After my work as an engineer is done, then I came back and work for Uber again.
When I am working as a contract engineer, I have the option of accepting health insurance from the contractor or not. I always pay for my own insurance and do not accept the contractors health insurance. As many hours I work as a contract engineer I get payed. If I do not work, I am not getting paid. It is the same format for Uber. When I drive for Uber, my job is taking passengers. If I drive and take passengers, I get paid for the time I am spending; If I do not drive, I do not get paid. This is the situation of contract workers. I do not expect to receive a constant monthly salary or any kind of health insurance from Uber, as do not receiving any payment if work as a contract engineer.

Comment ID: WHD-2020-0007-1449 | 24-Oct-20

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