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I believe that the freedom to work as an independent contractor is essential in these pandemic times, as so many of us are juggling multiple responsibilities like never before and therefore require flexibility and choice when it comes to our work. Gig jobs are also critical because so many “brick and mortar” employers are unable to hire large numbers of people and/or are not giving out enough work hours for people to survive; this has been the case with me, and so gig work like Uber Eats has allowed me to make up the difference in income but on a schedule that harmonizes with my other job. I have also experienced how traditional employers have hamstrung so many workers by making unlimited availability a condition of employment, then not providing enough hours to survive; gig employers such as Uber allow traditional employees who are caught in this trap the flexibility to supplement their income. So, please, please, please keep Uber and other rideshare and delivery options in independent contractor status so that thousands can keep working and make it through this crisis!

Comment ID: WHD-2020-0007-1452 | 24-Oct-20

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