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I am currently an Uber/Lyft driver for over 5 years and this flexibility of being an independent contractor has allowed me to have this as a side job with flexibility to work when i want and for how long i want. With me being in charge of the times i drive and the duration, i can set my own hours, earn as much as i want, and work only when i want to or need to. By enacting this legislation, it would allow people like me who are the majority of drivers to remain independent and not be controlled by the companies. This would not be possible for a majority of drivers to work if we were classified as employees with set times and schedules, so we would all be hurt economically by losing that extra income we have become accustomed to. As i travel for my main job, having me make the decisions on when i drive is critical to my success as a driver. It is frustrating that for decades independent contractors like construction and other fields have been able to operate and work with no issues, but now that uber/lyft and other driver app companies have been so successful it has become an issue. Clarifying this language would help us all out. One thing that has happened that gets overlooked is that the industry has become a much more favorable form of transportation as Taxi companies have had a monopoly on the industry and had little to no concern over customer satisfaction, especially at the airports as they are all contracted by the airport and used to be the only options for consumers. This allowed them to worry more about profits and not care about the vehicles they used (maintenance) and how they presented themselves (smelly cars, trash all over, not sanitary at all). By having this service, the vehicles are owned and maintained by us and we take price is customer satisfaction at a fraction of the cost – as a matter of fact, a lot of taxi drivers now drive for uber/lyft! By not passing this legislation, it will allow states and local governments to continue to squeeze out these options for consumers and revert back to the lousy Taxi service that used to be the only option. that is a failure to consumers and citizens by restricting the availability of legal options to get around.

Comment ID: WHD-2020-0007-1457 | 24-Oct-20

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