Comment from William Furlonge

I truly believe that working as an independent contractor gives me all the laxity I ever needed, because my wife and I are cancer survivors, and at the present time she has memory loss some days and needed my personal attention, so with that in mind I can stay home, or if she has a doctor appointment I can maneuver my schedule without asking any one to cover for me, and thats one of the personal privileges I enjoy as a contractor. I have goals, and needs and I can pursue those goals and needs, on my own time and these are some of the benefits that can be realized when you are your own boss.
If there are any plans to make changes or to control the way independent contractors do business, I would suggest that all human efforts should be made to allow driver as partners to proceed forward, because I am willing to give my support and remain with my present flexibility.

Comment ID: WHD-2020-0007-1486 | 24-Oct-20

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