Comment from Dawn Papandrea

As a freelance writer, I support the idea that people who choose to work for themselves, be their own boss, and maintain their autonomy, continue to be allowed to do so. I loathe what happened in California with AB5 to fellow freelancers who have been blacklisted despite wanting to continue their independent work — and I fear legislation like the PROAct that threatens my livlihood with its “ABC Test.” While I support worker’s rights, I also feel that people like myself who choose to be independent contractors should have rights as well. There’s a reason why I do what I do — the flexibility, the ability to work with multiple clients, and the ability to say no or walk away if a project is not a fit. Plus, my income potential is limitless now (and growing each year), compared to when I was a salaried employee. Please keep fighting for true independent contractors who do now want or need traditional employee protections. Thank you!

Comment ID: WHD-2020-0007-1554 | 26-Oct-20

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