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AFPF applauds the Department’s efforts to bring greater clarity and certainty to the question of independent contracting, a status that applies to millions of gig economy workers, freelancers, and self-employed entrepreneurs. This effort is long overdue and much needed. AFPF believes people should be empowered to earn success and fulfillment through their work and that freedom to choose the kind and type of work they wish to pursue, and under what conditions, is crucial to that empowerment. Policy and rules that support independent contracting help make this possible, as they allow individuals the ability to enjoy flexible working arrangements and to chart their own career success. That means working mothers, fathers, college students, recent graduates, and more can provide valued services in transportation, medical, food delivery, construction, and many other industries, while also tending to other priorities in their lives. The Department should foster freedom of contract and promote the ability of people to offer their time and skills as independent contractors, thereby empowering individuals to direct their own schedules and provide services to a broader range of businesses and customers as they see fit.

Comment ID: WHD-2020-0007-1557 | 26-Oct-20

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