Comment from Daniel Zukowski

I am writing in support of the proposed rule to clarify the definition of an employee under the Fair Labor Standards Act as it relates to independent contractors.

Under the guise of correcting “misclassification” laws such as California’s AB5 have decimated the careers of thousands of freelance workers. Similar laws are being proposed in other states, further compounding the problem.

These laws represent a 1950s solution to a 21st century economy. Many freelance workers, like myself, PREFER to operate as independent contractors. It allows us to control our own schedules, to determine what kinds of work we want to perform, and to better control our work/life balance. Ill-conceived laws like AB5 take away our freedom to choose when, where and how we work.

It must be known that we are not just freelancers or independent contractors, we are small business owners. We pay our taxes, invest in tools, services and materials needed and we operate for profit. I oppose the attempt to legislate an entire class of entrepreneurs out of business.

Specifically, I am a freelance journalist, following in the footsteps of great Americans like Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway and John Steinbeck. Imagine if these voices had been stilled and their careers derailed by over-reaching laws.

I believe the proposed rule clarifying contractor status is appropriate and necessary, and can help ensure a vibrant, economically sound independent contractor marketplace.

Comment ID: WHD-2020-0007-1599 | 26-Oct-20

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